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CrossMedia advertising

Surfing on blogs of other teams we noticed that they've had already found allot of popular examples of CM sources. To avoid conflict and copying, which is offcourse too easy and not original, we decided to make a small adjustment in the criteria.

I made a selection of my favorite CM adds, commercials so cleverly invented that they'll be reminded for ever.
These examples nubbly use technology in one way or another, it's up to you to decide whether this really concerns CMID or not.


FitnessFirst - Wait* Watching

No more living in denial about the size of your waist line, thanks to this fantastic albeit terrifying guerrilla marketing initiative from the health club chain, Fitness First. Unsuspecting commuters in the Netherlands are faced with viewing their body weight in bright lights - quite literally - when they take a seat at this Rotterdam bus stop. Scary to say the very least, but extraordinarily clever and likely to increase membership numbers at the local Fitness First. The brainchild of Netherlands’ agency N=5, the initiative takes the concept of guerilla marketing to a whole new level.

Note: N=5 is also known for the very popular viral named: Stolichnav! (in association with Kong)
In my next blog I'll try to explain a little more about virals and their succes.

Fitness First definitely draws attention for their brand with this commercial. The question remains, how do people react to this, and how does this shape their opinion on this brand?

* I love puns like these :)

Interactive Sharpie eCast billboard

Many of us have a fascination with graffiti art, and we sometimes even look over our shoulders to make sure no one’s watching when we scratch out our initials in a freshly laid slab of cement — or carve them into a wooden desk — or even scribble profanities across the stall door in a public restroom.

The creative minds working for Sharpie, the ultimate in permanent markers, have discovered a way to satiate our desires to deface public domain. Interactive e-cast billboards have been scattered around cities, which allow people to experience the rush of creating their own graffiti. Choose some colours, write a message and Sharpie makes it possible for anyone to leave his permanent mark on the side of the bus stop or the public phone or anywhere else billboard adverting may be experienced.

Multiple methods of interaction, the text written on these billboards will be shared on their online platform (website).
People read the billboards, write something of their own and are able to send their message online. Interaction with whoever is inquisitive. Surreptitious in its purest form.

NewYork by Sony

Thanks to Apple and its superior design, marketing, advertising and, well, anything else to do with creating and selling a product, most other global communications brands have languished in a kind of brand-image purgatory. Sony is fighting back with this great campaign created by Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney, helmed by art director Eron Broughton. The agency took Sony's earphones and literally mapped out the New York subway system, mimicking a traditional subway map. It's a simple idea but powerful in its execution, giving Sony a much-need dose of coolness. At last, other brands are thinking outside of the square. Now all Sony needs to do is apply that principle to its actual products. Innovate or die!

The interactivation embedded is the ability for Sony users (in NY) to join the Sony online community and tag their favorite track to their daily route(ine). Travellers can listen to what others listen when going to work in the morning or preparing for the weekend on a friday afternoon. Implementing this idea in more subway networks throughout the world would definitely titillate people's brand awareness.

Wii'll not forget

Retro video game iconic heroes have been making a come back for some time now. From T-shirts through to shoes, we have seen the likes of Mario, Donkey Kong and dare we say their rival, Sega's Sonic The Hedgehog plastering their pixelated faces all over some funky wears.

Hot on the heels of this fad, gaming giant Nintendo have promoted their latest baby Wii in Italy with this interesting wall display created by a series of posted notes. Behind each not lies a message inviting the recipient to relive the 80's through some classic games available on Wii.

The post it notes make a nice 3D representation of a 2D pixel. Besides the head-raising add there is a message behind it. On the back of the post-it notes is a link referring to the "online launch" of their new product. At fist you look at the huge wall, you decide to pull of an post-it (since no one is watching you) and discover the link on the back. Later that day when you're behind your computer you decide to check out the link and "BAM" mission accomplished, the advertisement dragged you to it's destination!

Belgians for Ebay

Nothing looks more tragic than a closing down sign in an empty store. It's sad, its depressing, its damn ugly. The clever folks at Ebay Belgium have turned that frown upside down, and promoted themselves along the way with their new ad campaign.

The campaign, although funny, actually has a lot of truth to it. When you can't find it in a store, you know you will find it on EBAY. Clever, short and sweet!

Sam for Crosslink

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