maandag 16 november 2009

CM 2.0: Extras

The second level of Cross Media is called 'Extras', which is as simple as it sounds; it's something extra that comes with a main production, yet it isn't on the same platform as the main production. For example, a 'behind the scenes' feature on a dvd is not cross-media (if the movie is also on the dvd of course), while a 'behind the scenes' feature on the website of a movie is. So basicly every commercial, movieproduction or foodpackaging that directs towards an additional website uses cross-media! Thinking of this, this second level of cross-media is probably the most used cross-media application in the world. Since CM2 so widely used, it's not hard to find examples. A good example is the website of the tv-show 'Survivor' (known as 'Expedition Robinson' in dutch). This website features a lot of extra information about the contestants, photos, interviews and much more that will not be shown on television, and is therefor an interesting website for fanatic 'Survivor'-viewers. Of course, tv-website is not the only combination of CM2; think of a brochure that gives a phonenumber 'for more information', a poster in the busshelter that links to a website, a radioshow which you can call to comment, and much more. Like I said: CM2 is all around us and is used more than we expect.

Victor for team Crosslink

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