zaterdag 14 november 2009

Day 2 - Our theme: Enjoying the Chaos

On a nice fridaymorning somewhere in November 2009, group crosslink met in studio 17. They chatted about their lives and the upcoming weekend and it was all fun and cosy. But then realised they also had some work to do, so began working. Some of them started yelling fancy cross-media ideas for the project, others searched the internet for original examples and another one drank coffee while making recommendations for the others. It was a bit of a chaos, but they enjoyed it. Until one of them suddenly realised they weren't making any progress at all... She decided to do something about it. So she stood up, scraped her troath and said loud: 'We are not making any progress!' Everyone was silent. They humbly realised she was right and that it was time to set up a plan for the next few days, because this didn't work. And so they did. 'First things first', stated one of them, 'We need to pick a theme, let's have a look at them.' After a while, without to much discussion, they picked their theme. From the beginning on, everyone wanted the 'Enjoying the chaos'-theme. Apparently they enjoy chaos. Team Crosslink had the feeling that this theme would offer a lot of possibilities and challenges for interesting solutions and innovation ideas.
After picking the theme, the next step was analysing. They decided to split up and let every teammember work on one of the four different cross-media levels as stated in the student manual. This way, they will gain a better insight in the different levels and they will be able to distinguish cross-media examples around them. And so they did. Every member would follow it's own path for now, but they had the common feeling that one day they would meet again, that their paths would cross eachother in the future, they felt this deep inside; for they are Crosslinked.


Victor for team Crosslink

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