dinsdag 1 december 2009

Concept 2: Landmarking

When walking through the Spoorzone, you will see a lot of chaos. But look closer, and you will find out that the SpoorZone excists of a collection of small pieces of what it used to be, and what it will be in the future. These little pieces can be beautiful, ugly, meaningful, and inspirational, or even a small work of art. It is these things that make chaos enjoyable, but far too often people just pass these pieces by without even noticing them. We would like people to look better at the SpoorZone and see the beauty behind the chaos.

In this concept we give elderly the opportunity to mark the pieces of the SpoorZone that they, for whatever reason, find special. They can mark one particular spot, or maybe a series of spots, it's in their hands.

With the landmarks they can control the sight of the construction area and also change the way another people look at it. The landmarks will be coupled to a ‘Google Maps’ like website, where the location of each mark is given along with a short explanation from whomever placed the mark. This is where the interaction begins; people can comment on the different landmarks and get in touch with the person who placed the mark.

Seeing as the SpoorZone area is under constant construction, some landmarks (or whatever the landmark marks) will disappear with time, giving the elderly a whole new ‘playground’ to set their mark in, and everyone else to discover the new marks that have been set.

We would like to use laser beams to mark the spots the elderly have chosen. Bright colored lasers make the spots easy to locate and give the SpoorZone area a whole new look. Each participant would have a different color laser, so can be easily recognized between the other beams. The beams will be visible in the whole of Delft and beyond, drawing people to the area. With the ever-changing SpoorZone area, the lasers will move around quite a bit, giving a different atmosphere each time. There can be only a few lasers at some point, and a whole bunch of them just days later. Together, you can build an entire ‘light show’ on the construction site, which is not only spectacular to see, but also shares memories, stories, and most importantly, shows the beauty behind the chaos.
The kind of laserbeams we are thinking of

The same effect could be achieved with holograms that are projected onto the site. These can be shaped like giant arrows, flags or drawing pins. This makes a spectacular sight when seen from far away, yet it is probably very annoying when you are close by.

Example of holograms in real life

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