dinsdag 1 december 2009

Concept 1: Being a reporter

When you think of elderly project visitors, you think of old grandpas hanging around the whole day by the fences while looking at the construction work. Most people don’t see why it’s so interesting to do this for longer than 5 minutes, but apparently there has to be something fascinating about it. Our goal is to connect those bored people who don’t give a damn with the intrigued elders.

To do this, we want the old people to share their experiences and interesting findings directly with all the other people. Connect one (or more) grandpas with a lot of people. This is done by creating fixed places that only chosen people (mostly elderly people with enough time) can access. From these places they have a good overview of (a part of) the project and they’ll have the opportunity to share their findings and experiences with others by filming or photographing them, which will be directly streamed to big screens around the building site, at the station, and at some points in the city. They will also be uploaded to a website; additionally some very interesting videos/photos can be saved at the site so it can be viewed again later. We want the people who view the videos or photos to have the opportunity to react on them in some way, but we’re not really sure how this must be done.

As for the ‘fixed places’ we spoke about, this needs something special too. A giant glass elevator suspended at cranes is a possibility, but further research has to be done whether things like this could be realized.

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