woensdag 18 november 2009

CM 1.0: Pushed

1) CM1 – Pushed: providing the same information (or with minor changes) on different platforms (e.g., a TV programme, that can also be watched on the Internet)

Pushed crossed media.

Pushed crossed media is providing the same information, or with minor changes, on different platform. It can be a television program were extra information is posted on the internet. Or a shop were you also can buy products online.

A good recent example is the Dutch program ‘boer zoekt vrouw’ (farmer seeks wife).
Television is the main medium for this program. Every week they send out new episodes. There is also a website where the episodes can be seen again. There are also additional "teasers" put online for the next episode. On the website it is also possible to post comments through a forum. In magazines and newspapers is a lot of attention to the farmers and their wives. Possible relationship are critically viewed from all sides and dispersed by the blades. Also on the radio is ‘farmer seeks wife’ repeatedly come to fore. Everything surrounding this program is therefore a perfect example of cross media.
Why is ‘Farmer seeks wife’ successful? It is not only because the good cross media promo. There are a lot of explanations why it is successful. First of al ‘farmer seeks wife’ is authentic. You are a visitor of the most intimate moments of someone’s life. The beginning of a relationship and too see the rise of love. The program is also successful because it is primordial Holland’s. We see the Netherlands from out of the fifties. Females behind the kitchen sink and at six o’clock they put potatoes on the table.
But in witch way the cross media helped to make this program successful?

Another media is the mobile phone. These days allmost every mobile phone has the availability to provide internet. When you make a photograph you can send it to your friends email account. But the latest hype is twitter. Twitter is a micro-blogging service. The blogs can be send out by mobile phone (sms & internet) or via computer. The persons who send his 'tweet' in their cicle of friends but it is also possible to have open acces to your 'tweets'. The friends can recieve the 'tweets' via the Twitter website, sms ot axternal applications. That is why twitter is a good example for cross media.
A gossip around the twitter hype is that there is a possibility that the news can be spread very fast. Take for example the Turqish plain crash, people said it spread even faster on twitter then on the news.

Even normal television series can provide cross media. The TV serie Lost and Heroes are good examples. They transfer digital communication to a innovative way of getting more immersion of the story line. This immersion has a advantage or the spectator. When you play a game online at the website from Lost you will get pre-information of the newest episodes. The normal spectator get this information later on. In this cross media concept gets the spectator a rising status regarding their surrounding envrironment and he will get extra stimulans to play the game even more and to watch the serie.

Danielle from Crosslink

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