woensdag 18 november 2009

Defining the target group

So we have our mindmap, yet it's still a bit unclear which direction we want to follow. Therefor we've decided to think of the involved parties for each type of chaos:

Bus, train & tram
  • Commuters
  • Other travellers
  • Driver
  • Shop suppliers
  • Commuters by car/bike/foot
  • Project suppliers
  • Shopping people
  • Tourists
  • Traffic controllers
  • Local residents


  • Employees
  • Project visitors
  • Commuters
  • Project suppliers

  • Shoppers
  • Commuters
  • Employees
  • Local residents
  • Project visitors
  • Travellers
  • Project visitors
  • Local residents
This list of possible targetgroups is quite extensive, so we count how many times the same party rises as a targetgroup for one of the chaosforms. The most occured targetgroups are:
  1. Commuters
  2. Project visitors
  3. Local residents

Of course commuters is an obvious target group at a project like this. A bit too obvious we think. It is not very surprising to design for this target group, also because these people don't have a lot of time (most commuters are in hurry to work or home), which leaves little possibilities. Therefor we've decided to focus ourselves on the second targetgroup: project visitors. We think there are a lot of challenges for this group where CM can play an important role. Furthermore it fits perfectly with WeSD, which basicly already functions as an Project Visitors Centre.

What kind of people these project visitors are and what they are interested in is something we have to find out yet, that's going to happen this afternoon with help of some fieldwork.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Very nice brainstorm and chosen target group.

    Mayby some input for further brainstormsessions: Which or what media do (all) these different parties use? How can they communicate with eachother? What is the target group, project visitors, role in this?


  2. Nice overview of possible target groups, well done!

    Like Spoor3 said though, something you could add are the relevant media platforms for each group.

    Another thing which is still a bit unclear is why you decided to drop the 'obvious' target group: the daily commuters. Isn't it a good thing that they are the ones who 'suffer' the most from the inconveniences of the Spoorzone Project?
    Wouldn't it be possible to reach all of the three target groups (or at least the second one as well) at the same time?

    We're looking forward to the further development of your project! Keep up the good work!

    Team CMIDM4


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