woensdag 2 december 2009

Concept 4: Where is Waldo?

Games and chaos have proven to be a good combination, so did games and ‘enjoying’; a simple conclusion is quickly made: why not implement a game in the Spoorzone-project? We want everyone to be able to participate, but people who take their time (project visitors) have a better chance to win. The concept for the game element is based on the popular books: ‘Where is Waldo?’. These books consist of a series cartoons with hundreds of people illustrated on it. These people are at a typical location, time frame or activity. The goal is to find a person with a red-white striped shirt and blue trousers (Waldo) among all these other people. The difficulty of the game is that there are several people with almost the same shirt, pants or both.

We want to do the same with this fourth concept. A rough idea is that there are objects at the construction terrain that people can search. There will be binoculars placed at several points around the construction area. The idea is to make a picture of the object which is then uploaded to a website. At this website the pictures of all participants can be compared and people can vote for a winner. Then, a new competition will be started. Besides the pictures and the current object to find, also rankings of all participants will be shown. This could inspire other people to play along, which make the game more exciting. Every once in a while, the best player could be awarded with a price, so people are more motivated to participate.

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