dinsdag 17 november 2009

CM 3.0: Bridges

The third level of cross media is Bridges. The main goal of this media is to let its audience switch to another medium to continue their journey. This is done with strong call-to-actions, which tell the audience to explore different media, or else they will not know the rest of the tv show/advertisement/information/anything.

An example is the TV show Spangas. At the end of each episode, the leading characters comment on what just happened, and finish their sentence with “Want to know what I think? Take a look at our website”. Their website is rated the best, and also one of the most viewed by children between 8 and 14 years according to “NOS Jeugdjournaal”

Another example is the advertising campaign of “Maandag” (Monday). It started with a television commercial, which just said “See you Monday”. The viewer was left confused, not knowing what kind of company Maandag was, what it sold or did. You had to find out for yourself by looking at the website. You had to cross over to another media to explore the possibilities of Maandag. For the commercial of Maandag, click the link below.


A similar situation is created with stickers around town. There are a lot of advertorial stickers to be found on lampposts, buildings and bus shelters with just an URL on them, forcing you to go to the website, at least, if you want to find out what the sticker is about.
The same goes with advertisements that ask you a question, but do not give you the answer instantly. They just provide an URL to a website where you can find the answer. Like the “Ik ben zwanger, zal ik me dan laten vaccineren?” (I’m pregnant; do I need a vaccination for the flu?”) ad in the Volkskrant today. (For all of you interested in the answer, look on grieppandemie.nl)

Bridges is the cross media that can be found almost everywhere, and works very well. It stimulates your curiosity and makes you cross over to another medium, you have no choice.


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